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I have just been released from hospital after what they call a silent myocardial infraction (heart attack I gather) and after having a number of tests in hospital they sent me home with papers to have another "fancy" ct scan as an outpatient which I have made an appointment for. To my surprise the appointment is not until   1st of March, can't be too important if I have to wait another  couple of weeks. With out rambling on about the depression and lack of energy, I just wanted to do something small (my painting a picture). Just getting out of bed and dressing etc I was so stuffed I couldn't even get started. Should I just stay in bed until the ct scan or will I ever be able to just "take it easy" what does " take it easy actually mean ? ) Should I have plowed through the energy barrier or just give up, Will I know what is "tiredness" and what Is " dangerous ? Anyone with experience in these matters be able to help me, I am so low and scared for that matter?  
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Take it easy like no crazy straining... walks and moving are okay.
Thanks ayl. I know it sounded like a stupid question but you answered it well. doctors just seem to say these things but when your alone and out of breath and "kina scared"  taking it easy takes on a whole different meaning....again thanks.
No problem... good luck with everything!!
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