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Seven months ago, I has a gastric bypass and since then, lost 120lbs. My cardiologist has put me on HCT 25mg. That was two weeks ago. Now it seems as though my weight loss is at a standstill. What do I do? My starting weight before wls was 325. I am now 214. My ideal weight is 150. Help.
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Actually it works the other way around. I have been on Dyazide 37.5/25 for ~30 years. That is now generic and I suspected not working properly so I stopped taking it. For every day I was not taking those pills I gained exacly one pound - I know, I checked  my weight every morning. After 10 days and 10# heavier (absolutely no diet change involved) I started taking it again. It took three weeks to get rid of that extra weight.
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I so much want a normal life of being slimmer...I use to weigh 230 for over the past years I've gained...My motivation is at its lowest....I found out that people who can lose weight before surgery they have programs but I was left with only more depression..only because my surgeon lied to me....I'm now pre/diabetic and my bones in my back is pressing against my spine..only because I was denied     Gastric Bypass I know there are a lot of people suing doctors  because the surgery went wrong I would like to sue because he gave me hope and happiness to finally be able to be a healthy size. And knew I deal with depressing for the past 5years.I'm seeing a therapist in a few weeks they are suppose to help me with my life being Fat....
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