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What do you think, Doc?

I'm a 52-year-old female, athletic, though maybe 20 pounds overweight, and my cholesterol medicine was recently doubled to 40mg Pravastatin. This is the only medicine I take.   I don't smoke or drink.  I eat and sleep well-- maybe a little too well.  There is no heart disease on either side of the family.
I have pneumonia, and the doctor threw Levaquin at it [Levofloxacin].  The 3rd dose of 10 left me with shortness- of- breath.  The evening before, I'd passed out returning from the bathroom;  I've no idea how long I laid there.  I was advised to go to the E.R., where an EKG indicated flat T-Waves. I was admitted to telemetry in the Cardiac wing for 2 days.  I neglected to report the right-side chest pain, because it wasn't over my heart. The diagnosis is:  cardiogenic syncope with irregular EKGs. I had several more EKGS, a Carotid Sonogram, a Chest Sonogram, and I'm due to have an outpatient stress test on the treadmill when I finish the course of Amoxicillin I'm currently taking. The prescribing doctor thinks I should blow off Cardiology. What do you think? I'd like to return to my unstressful job as gardener at the local college.  Though I love my job, it doesn't pay very well, nor do I have health insurance.  These tests are astronomically expensive.  Do I really need to go to the next step?  a stress test?  then possibly a heart cath?
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My problem was also about 20 pounds, now only 10 pounds. So yes I am sometimes  on a yo yo diet.:)
You right about the processed food. Go far from them. I won’t worry about the hiding sugar, but a hiding aspartame, genetically modified ingredients,(sugar only if genetically modified)  msg etc…..
I think you better keep baking; at least you know what you were putting in, many good not those ‘rich’ recipes but still share with others. For me that works: if I can keep myself back from eating more than one two little piece. Portion control is the best diet that works for me.
And you right more vegetable and fruit we can’t go wrong with that!
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Thanks.  I went back to work on Tuesday, and I've already dropped 5 pounds by eating more fruits and vegetables and no processed foods (with their hidden sugars).   I've had to quit baking, too.  I love cookies, cakes, etc., so I've given those up for the time being.
I appreciate your response!
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I am not a doctor. First I would work on the 20 pounds and on the eating dont eat "little too well" ,but 'right well'.:) Heart cath? Hm. I dont think so, but what do I know?

Keep gardening!
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