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What is this Feeling in my Chest?

My info.
25 Male, 6'2, 290.
I eat healthy, don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. Blood Pressure is normal as is Cholesterol.
Over past 2 years had the following tests done.
EKG,Echocardiogram, holter monitor, stress test, blood work. Costochondritis that lasted from October 2017-Summer 2018. Acid Reflux.

I work as a stockman and pull really heavy pallets with bad jacks.
Just started lifting again out slowly over past month.

I noticed that this feeling I had before had come back where I get a weird heart beat/palpitation for a few seconds and then out of breath for a few seconds that scares me few times a week. Was told before nothing to worry about.

Then today I was pulling a really heavy Salt Rock Pallet across the store and I noticed a few big heart beats, felt weird briefly and a slight chest pain feeling. Then after I was done with that I just had anxiety feeling.

Anyone ever have this before or think I should get it checked out?
My heart doctor always tells me not to worry I'm a young big guy. I'm lost..
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When you mention big heart beats, it could be PVC's which describes your other symptoms as well but should be confirmed by your doctor. The feeling of a big heartbeat comes from the delay caused by the premature beat. The delay allows the heart to fill a little more than usual and you get the sensation of a stronger beat. What you describe could be a run of three or four PVC's which is common and not too dangerous IF you have no pre-existing heart disease which given your age would be unlikely which is probably what your doctor is trying to say.

You really should sit down with your doctor and ask why he feels these are not serious so you have a better understanding and you can ask him about PVC's if he doesn't bring it up.

Good luck................Jon
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Hi Jon, thanks for the reply.
Yes I have no family history of any heart issues including, myself.

My heart doctor just doesnt explain well enough what it is. I wish they had a thing in there building where I could workout while having there machine connected to see if theres anything bad going on.

Hoping nothing wrong and thats it's not that costochondritis stuff again. I just started working out again and want to lose all this fat.
I agree it could be PVCs. I've had them for decades. Usually not a problem unless they come very close together. Best advice I can give you is stay away from caffeine. Big Gulps of Pepsi from 7/11 put me in the hospital. Also, getting excited or stressed can increase them. Found THAT out when I was in the hospital, when the world series California quake happened. I was on the monitor, and watched them increase in frequency. Had to turn the channel to get it back down again.
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