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What is your heart rate supposed to be when moving around during the day?

This may be a strange question, but I know your normal heart rate is supposed to be between 60 to 100 bpm.  Ok, so does that mean even when your cleaning your house, or walking around your yard, or doing dishes, laundry, going to the store, etc?  Since I was diagnosed with two brief episodes of svt, when I am getting a second opinion on, I am confused as to what it is supposed to be around during the day.  If when you exercise it is supposed to go up, isn't it supposed to go up also when your standing up and walking around doing things?  Mine goes up to 100-130 when cleaning my house or doing errands.  I don't know what is normal, anyone have any suggestions, this is driving me crazy!  Thank you, Michelle
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Same problem here.  My normal resting rate is high,,in the upper 90s and even when i walk up my steps to do laundry or in then kitchen it shoots up to 110 or hight just from walking around.  I took it in a store today and it was 126.  I was calm and not doing very much so this really scared me,,then it really went up.  I'm having the same problem as you and dont know how to fix it.
drink 200 ml water every hour,practice meditation,deep breath exercises and yoga...it helped me!
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Hello, do you have any other heart conditions?  I am now taking a beta blocker for my fast heart rate.  I have sinus tachycardia and supraventricular tachycardia.  I still don't know what normal is supposed to be, but I know mine was too high, and I think yours is too high too. BUT, having said that, I also know that anxiety can make it go high.  So by just noticing or worrying about it can make it go high.  Which is what I have been doing, but I'm still taking the beta blocker because I do have a heart condition.  Maybe just get a check up with your Dr. if you haven't done so?  Take Care, Michelle
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   I actually had a "cardiopulmonary stress test done and pulmonary function test"  figured it wasnt my heart but my lungs so dr ordered these test..lung function came out fine and the stress test was okay,,EXCEPT for the fact as usual,,my heart rate went from 92 up to 180 almost immediately.  Went to a cardilogist who insisted that because the ekg was fine while i was taking the test i have no blocked arteries..he also did and echo cardiogram which showed some fluid in the sac around the heart but said it was no big deal and come back in a year.  I cant even walk up my steps without my heart feeling like its pounding. I took mine today while watching tv and its 126.  Ive never had this feeling before and just dont know what to do about it since ive been to a cardiologist.  They keep telling me nothing is wrong.  I was able to run 3 miles on a treadmill at the gym last month with a heartrate of 178,,but i was able to do it.  Now i cant even walk it without it hitting 200.
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Sorry I have a new nickname, lost my other password. I am not trying to scare you but hun, you need to get a second opinion.  Even if it is just regular sinus tachycardia, I have been told that you should not be in that high of a rhythm.  Is there another Cardiologist you can see?  It could possibly be just anxiety, but still, if that is what it is, then you need to get treatment for that.  I feel for you, I have SVT, and mine hits about 150 to 200.  I know what you mean about climbing stairs, but since I've been on the Inderal it is slowly helping me.  My anxiety over this doesn't help either.  If you need to email me to talk more, feel free too.  ***@****

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I have the same question, I'm actually on a 24 hour heart monitor right now but feel like my heart has been beeting fast all day due to anxiety about the SVT diagnosis. Also, I'm at work and have been running around quite a bit. my heart rate has been consistently in the 110 area all day. Normal resting heartrate while just watching tv is about 76. Anyone else have an elivated heart rate while at work, but not at home? I'm not particularly stressed about work, I think it's just the monitor!
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I'm in the same exact condition. I've been told it was anxiety for years. I just had 2 bad episodes of svt, landed me in the e.r..where I work, so I was embarssed. But it scared the **** out of me. So they finally said, hm... I don't think its anxiety, it went to 177..then down to 100s and back up to 145 150.... fluctuated for awile, they ran in with sta ekgs.showed tachy, but all normal. Now I'm being reffered to another cardioologist electro sumthing, to see if its one of my eltroids setting it off or w.e... I'm on a beta blocker rite now, I take 1,2..... but normally I can't go up the staires w.out my heart racing either, so annoying. I use to do track,cheering,soccer... and now I can't run a mile without my heart punding ,and I'm only 26...... I had my daughter almost 2 yrs ago and all these symptoms went away! I use to have chest pain, feeling of fainting, rapid h.r.... now. It just all started comming back about 2 months ago. Helppppp...... hey did an echo all the chambers are normal too. So the last step is the eltroid thing, to see if that is triggering it. If nott, then my heart is normal and I'm back to square one, what causes my fast h.r.
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hi i am only 21 years old and my heart is always above 110 when standing up and when i do anything it goes up from there. for example just doing dishes or doing laundry or just taking a shower my heart rate can go up to 170 to 180 i do have anxiaty but not when im at home doing nothing. my dr sending me to a specialist and has precribe beta blockers but i feel worst when taking them so i dunno what to do.
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Wow. Yeah I'm on beta blockers for a month now, just tired latley...  and .5 xanax... when I feel it, I get anxious.  We are so young n shouldn't have this,gur
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i know its just comsumes  your life and dont wanna be drug up on medication and resently i had an really bad episode were i past out and felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest and yes 21 wayy to young for this
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There are basic parameters for heart rate and postural changes. I mean if you permanently have a resting heart rate of over 100 it's best to get a check up. The key is symptoms, if you go light headed, dizzy are fainting, have short of breath, then it's much more important to seek a medical evaluation.
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You guys need to look into Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and/or Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (IST).  It won't kill you, don't worry.  And... help is out there.
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my heart rate is 78 while watching tv or when going to bathroom it jumps up to 97
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My heart rate goes from 56 bpm to 96 increases by 40bpm with in 2 mins of walking and recovery s with in 56 seconds back to 56 bpm  is this normal

I am worried because some times on my fit bit and can go up 126 bpm slowly walking is this normal?
The heart is a tricky bugger ... but you fine half those things don’t work right .. but to clear it up go talk to your doctor just to make sure
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There are many factors that can affect such as general physical condition, age, weight, BMI, how much routine exercise you get etc. It would be best to seek counsel with your physician, as it's hard for us to know how active you are when cleaning your house, or any underlying conditions such as anxiety and so forth. Sorry I could not be more helpful. 130 does sound a bit on the high side for low to moderate activity, but everyone's different so you should discuss this with your doctor.

Do you snore a lot or know if you have symptoms of sleep apnea? You may want to have that investigated, as well. My spouse had a higher heart rate until they started him on a CPAP machine which has helped with his resting and active heart rate as well as fatigue levels.
130 is fine if you constantly moving ....
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I have the same problem, quit coffee gluten products sugar and no dairy.
most important drink a shot of aloe jell inner leaf in the mourning and before bed. I am 62 and it takes 3days to get rate back to normal 60 to 85
rest to cleaning. Your Ph is a big factor as well  when eating red food.
  Hope it helps

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Please do not worry! There would be days when you post workout ( even after 24 hours) would experience high pulse rate, other times when you check post a meal.. The best way to look at your pulse is when you get up from bed in the morning. Or after sitting calmly for 30 minutes. And if you still see you have a high pulse rate .. Check the shape of tide or wave on pulseoximeter.. As long as you see an indent( dicrotic  wave) after right  sistolic wave .. You are fine. ( google more on this subject). But its never too late.. If you switch to plant based diet ( avoid meat/ dairy/ poultry as well as sea food with the exception ofSalmon) with canola oil you heart will recover. You will be surprised at body's self healing ability provided your intake is fibre rich plant based green diet!  And yes do keep yourself on the move ~ exercise!
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I have anxiety and my heart rate.can be fast for hours days around a 120 and wen having panic attacks around 130 to 140 but mine is all to do with my anxiety as I have had a heart scan bloods ecgs cat scans u name it I have had done your heart will go up wen cleaning or walking around and it will go over a 100 wen doing things like that your heart goes up as well if your feeling low tried run down got anxiety upset in a mood not sleeping well so I wouldn't worry to much about it everyone's heart should go over a 100 wen doing all them things or walking around xx
What did your dr say about this? Did they try to give you meds even if it’s anxiety based??
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I get lots off symptoms everyday with anxiety like shortness of breathe fast heart rates back pain chest pains feeling tried a lot over thinking if u have any of those u could have anxiety and that's why u have a fast heart rates if your upset or feeling low or fedup anything like that would make your heart go fast xx
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Resting heart rate is 60-100
Standing for the first ten mins can elevate to 120 and if your moving 130 is normal....
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I've been having irregular heart beats just recently, this last month. My resting heart rate is between 45 and 65 while laying down. Sitting up it's goes to the 80s/90s and standing it goes to 90s/100s. If I'm walking it's around 120 to 150. Depends on how fast and if I cleaning or even just getting dressed. But I get lightheaded, chest pain and weak so I know somethings wrong. Im waiting to see a cardiologist. Im currently in bed most of the day due to the elevates heart rate. Just taking a shower it puts me in the 130s/140s.
Any updates? In experiencing  this.
I have the same symptoms as you, any news?
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(220 - your age in years) * 0.90 = max heart rate during exercise.. sooo..

Less than that.
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This is me. Sitting down watching TV my heart rate is pretty normal in the 60-80 range. But the minute I get and walk to the kitchen it shoots up 110-140. I am 29 years. I have gotten ekgs done, blood test, echo, 24hr heart monitor and it all comes back normal. But even with minimal movement my heart goes up and it comes back down within seconds.
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