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What other tests do I need for syncope

I am 53 y.o., menopausal and have started having abrupt near syncope episodes in Jan. They are infrequent and I have no warning but everything gets black, my legs get so weak I must immediately sit with my head between my knees, my hands tremor, I have profound weakness in my legs and they, too may tremor afterwards, sounds become distant and fading, and I become diaphoretic. Twice I was in church, once finishing a hot shower, once, at the visitation of one of my husband's friend's relative (no 'emotional attachment' to that person), and the last episode I was on a walk/bike ride with my grandson. The 5th episode, thinking I'd 'rested' long enough, I got up and took a couple of steps, but immediately had to sit down again (things still black and sounds distant), when I got up the second time + took a few steps, I felt a sudden sensation like I was punched in the throat and as if choking (not able to get air), and a squeezing into the jaws to just behind the ears). My PCP checked my BP (only about an 8 point drop systollically with standing from sitting). I was on telemetry with serial EKGs/cardiac enzymes/labs/MRI/MRA of brain and arteries at base of brain and carotids, thallium stress test. Everything was normal, save a slightly low B12 level. They could not relate the episodes to any medications (Temazepam, Duracef, Calcitrate D, Boniva). I had another episode today after planting a few flower bulbs (with help of son)--not full blown, just lightheaded and weakness/tremors of hands + legs. My doctor does not think it is cardiac, but I wonder if I should ask about a tilt table test or seratonin/dopamine levels or heart monitor, or Schilling test (as I'd had a slight iron def. and vitamin D deficiencies in Oct. requiring Rx strength supplements--and a negative small bowel Pill Cam and negative urine dipped for blood), or ATB to intrinsic factor or what tests would be appropriate to pursue. I am not an anxious type of personality and these symptoms are quite unusual for me. I did start Boniva in January and these symptoms all started after the Boniva. There is nothing in Boniva's information as to syncope, however I see by google that research studies did find small percentages of syncope and TIAs. Could you please help guide me in what tests that might be appropriate, as I do not think this should just be 'dismissed'? Thank you so much.
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I would research the boniva.. maybe talk to your doctor about taking it.. isn;t it a fairly new drug.. As you know, side effects vary from each individual and if this is indeed a side effect/adverse reaction to the medication, then you  need to stop it.
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