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When Did The Human Tissue Patch Start for PDA Surgery?

I just learned that there are two kinds of patches for the PDA surgery - artificial patch and the human tissue patch.

When did they start the new patch (out of human tissue) for PDA - Patent Ductus Arteriosus during heart surgery for humans? When did they start the newest kind of patch - which is the human tissue - to place over the hole of the heart?

The reason I asked is that in December 1969, I was a month old, I had PDA surgery to repair a large PDA with a patch. I have been told by a cardiologist in 1991 that the patch is still holding on.

Today, I was told that artificial patch for a PDA requires antibiotic treatment before dental work, where the newest patch for PDA with human tissue, you do not have to have antibiotic treatment before you go to the dentist. The nurse said since it was in 1969 or 1970, it's highly likely my heart patch was artificial so I need antibiotic treatment before I go to the dentist.

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I don't know the  answer to that question, however...if there is doubt as to which type you have, and you cannot ask a family member or get the medical records of the surgery, then I would err on the side of caution and take the antibiotics prior to the dental procedure.  
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Hi!  I had a PDA repair in 1968.  I got my records which show it was very wide.  Mine was just cut and sewn shut.  I've never heard of a patch for a PDA.  I've heard of a coil they use now through a catheter but not a patch.
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