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Why are my ECG values lower than both parents with heart problems?

My dad had a heart attack and quadruple bypass his last echo said his ejection fraction was 50-55%. My mom has cardiac ischemia with a cath procedure scheduled next week, but her recent echo said her EF was 66%.

I’m 32. Female. 5’8” 125lbs. Active lifestyle. I’ve been having some major fatigue and HP’s etc Holter Monitor study done and showed nothing to terribly concerning. I guess a 181 pulse during a light physical activity isn’t too big of a deal? My echo report said my EF is 50-55%. When I looked at the detailed report the following values were highlighted as outside the normal range.

LVOT Diam - 2.0 (2.1-2.5)cm
LVFS Teich -22 (27-45) %
EF Teich - 45.4 (54-74)%
AV Mean Vel - 1.0 (70-90) m/s
AV Peak Vel- 1.2
LVOT Mean Vel- 0.7 (60-80) m/s
LVOT Peak Vel - .9
LVOT VTI- 18.2 (20-30)cm
MV E Peak Vel - 1.0 (60-130)m/s
MV A Peak Vel - .7 (100-120)m/s
TV and PV Peak Vel- .8
TR Peak - 2 (100-280) m/s

My pulse during the test was 95 bpm.

Why have normal ranges on tests if abnormal values don’t seem to matter? What do these tests indicate? What could this cause this? I’ve felt like crap for 5 months now.. I don’t drink, I quit smoking.. WTF is going on?! It seems like every test I have is only slightly abnormal...but doctors don’t seem concerned when my quality of life has gone down the drain (I’m self employed so not feeling well really impacts me!)
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