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Why does all the drug I take make me feel part of a John Harrison experiment

I had a Aortic valve replacement (mech) in 2011.
Ever since then I been prescribe all sorts of drugs the number is growing as more and more thing have been discovered, my thinking is as a engineer is that the drugs percribed are causing the errors and the medical staff are adding more to cure a fault the last one caused. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Harrison ) Can anybody explain why? and if a error how do I get of the roundabout ?
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Give yourself time to adjust to any side effects and if you don't;  be sure and report it to the doctor. Some of these drugs are so strong that the dosage either needs to be adjusted or if there is another similar med available, you need to try it. I'm an RN who work in intensive care for 12 years.
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I have the same feeling after a mitral valve repair. For the first six months I did fine with the meds prescribed by the surgeon. Then my cardiologist saw reason to add this and that, which is when my progress started getting worse. I wonder if they are practicing defensive medicine to avoid possible lawsuits.
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