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Would EECP Work here?

I have 90% Right Coronary Artery Blockage, 50% Left Heart Artery Blockage. Left groin 100% PAD with healthy Collateral Arteries. 60% Right leg Steno sis. NO ANGINA PAIN/NO HEART ATTACK OR FAILURE but walking fast or slow beyond 200-500 yard cause very severe left groin pain. I was admitted to hospital on 3rd Oct 2011 after a Doppler where Angiography showed in the diagram 99% RCA Blockage and 70 % LCA Blockage and was prepared for Operation when a huge cyst [Infected but no Tuberculosis or Cancer] was removed from left hip. Operation of 4 graft bypass postponed for 6 weeks when I was readmitted on Nov 26 2011 and discharged after 5 hours when I told them that my blood group is B(NEGATIVE). Took opinion of three top cardiologists who told me OMT would work and bypass was not required. Took 4th Opinion who told me the same thing but advised me to get  enrolled for EECP Therapy and Heart well being program(50% LCA, 60-70% LCA, Less than 50% LCA BLOCK as per 4 cardiologists except first one). The cardiologist advised me that Grafting surgery is very problematic and overly expensive . EECP was required with Life style changes. Please advise what's best as B(negative) blood group being very rare along with diabetes could be very hazardous and also told me me that EECP would reverse PAD blocks as well. Help sought.
Except for the first no cardiologist has suggested surgery./Stents or bypass surgery.
Note: Been smoking 2 packs and more since 1970 and am running my 60th year.

ECHO E.F: 60%
Note: I had 5 one sessions till now. Terrible dizziness in the head disappeared after the very first session. In the 5th session severe back pain disappeared which turned out to be spine degeneration problem in MRI test . Now internet search tells me that EECP is useless in peripheral Vascular disease cases but a senior cardiologist working on ECP told me that protocols for PVD[Or PAD] plus CAD being different doesn't mean EECP won't work.
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EECP is typically for people who have refractory chest pain, which you don't seem to have.  I'm not convinced this will work for PAD.  I am not sure why you aren't a candidate for bypass surgery, but it sounds as if you might benefit from coronary bypass if you can tolerate it.  Find a cardiologist you trust and ask why you shouldn't have bypass surgery.  If you are not a surgical candidate, ask about options via cardiac catheterization and stenting.  Hope this helps.
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Firstly I must thank you for your prompt response. India is a primitive country. First angiography was done in a hospital which is deep in debt after retirement of legendry Dr. S. Padmavati. Fortis,Max, and others told me that the angiography has been half done and results were blown up for a 4 artery bypass and so I was suggested a renewed angiography as hardly any die had been injected. Secondly they performed the angiography and prepared me for a four artery bypass without knowing my blood group which I had to tell them that my blood group was B(negative) after which I was asked to to televise in media for donors and discharged till I found six with B(negative). After discharge I happened to meet by chance a Harvard medical School's M.D ,D.M who also advised to get the angio redone. As others hospitals told me the same thing , I chanced to meet one cardiologist in another hospital who said the same thing but advised me to to go in for EECP about which I had never heard of. In short as the consensus is to get the Angiography redone, I think I must ask my cardiologist to get get that redone. I don't mind being cut up but I do not like the idea of a four arery bypass if there's no reason to be cut up everywhere,except for commercial reasons.In any case if a bypass has to be done then certainly not in India after all the mess up out here in hospitals.

Thanks again.
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JPG scanned photos of Angiogram diagrams, opinions are in PHOTOS section.

Thanks a lot.
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