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Young with "Random" Chest Pain

I'm looking for a potential cause for my chest pain, or just reassurance that I am completely fine to ease my nerves.

- Chest pains are under the left breast plate; no noticeable transfer of pain. Other random body pains occur (neck or jaw on right side) but not during the episodes of chest pain.
- Pain can last a few seconds or several minutes, not constant but more like contractions or waves.
- I have not noticed any correlation with physical activity; usually happens when at rest, getting ready for bed, or just sitting around, hence the "Random" title.
- Today was a little bit different, occurring when exposed to heat (ie: immediately upon entering the shower, walking outside, exiting the cool car,) but not easing my thoughts of previous experiences. I am left uneasy simply in wondering if I am due in for a heart attack.

24, female, thin, not a smoker, decently healthy diet, low but 'normal' blood pressure, no diabetes, no family history of heart disease, BUT not very active. Could inactivity really be my only problem?
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Dear ruanambre,

Chest pain is a serious symptom, so you are right to be concerned.  While there are many non-life threatening causes of chest pain (such as mild asthma, acid reflux, and musclar pain), there are serious causes as well (such as heart attack, pulmonary embolus, and aortic dissection).  While your young age, lack of co-morbidities associated with heart attack, and atypical symptoms are reassuring, given the potential other diagnoses you should be seen by a doctor to make sure nothing more serious is wrong.  If you develop a change in your symptoms you should call 911, or go to the emergency department to be more fully evaluated.

Best wishes!
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Could be muscular related, sounds similar to costochondritis or "precordial catch syndrome" should probably get it checked out just to be sure.

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