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advice me about

Dear Dr:

the fowllowing is the complet test we have down for my father, so please advice me about his overall condition and taking care of him.

                                                         NUCLEAR CARDIOLOGY
                                                   DEPARTMENT OF CARDIOLOGY
                                             LADY READING HOSPITAL PESHAWAR

                                       Tc-99m GATED MYOCARDIAL PERFUSION SPECT
                                    (SINGLE PHOTON EMISSION COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY)

                       SEX: MALE                                  AGE: 55 Yrs                 Date: 04-03-2011

Clinical History:     patient is known case CAD. History of STEMI. Presented with chest pain and SOB on exertion. Echo (27-07-2010) Regional wall motion abnormalities, LV dysfunction (FS-17%). C.Angio (18-02-2011) : LAD: this vessel has Osteal to proximal 20-30% lesion and then totally occluded, RCA: fills LAD retrogradly.


            Procedure     patient was administered sublingual nitroglycerine followed by 25mCi (925  MBq) of Tc-99m MIBI injected intravenously. Gated SPECT imaging was done one hour later.

Gated SPECT  Overall quality of the study is good. There is evidence of marked left ventricular cavity dilatation.
SPECT images demonstrate absent to severely reduced tracer uptake in apex (anteroapical and inferoapical), anterior (apical and mid), anteroseptal (apical, mid and basal), inferoseptal (apical, mid and basal), apical inferior, apical inferolateral and apical anterolateral segments.
There is moderately reduced tracer uptake in basal anterior and inferior (mid and basal) segments.
Rest of the myocardial segments show good tracer uptake.

GATED IMAGES         Decreased wall thickness in apex, septum, apical ½ of anterior and apical 1/3 of  inferior and lateral walls. Akinesia of apex, septum, apical 1/3 of anterior, inferior and lateral walls. Rest of anterior and inferior walls are hypokinetic.
LVEF: 30% EDV: 177ml.  ESV: 124ml.


• large transmural infarct (scar myocardium) involving apex , apical ½ of    anterior wall, septum and all other apical segments.
•    Marked LV cavity dilatation.
•    Myocardial viable territories:
LAD: 1/10 (10%)
LCX: 4/6 (67%)
RCA: 2/4 (50%)

The doctor administrated the following medicines
1-    PROGREL   -   AP           one tablet per day

2-     NICOGET                       tow tablet per day

3-     LASORIDE    10 mg      one tablet per day

4-    RAST              10 mg      one tablet per day

5-     CORBIS         2.5 mg     one tablet per day

thanks in advance
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No doctors here, but you can see doctors  on the  “related expert forums”  
……just roll down about the middle of the page  and right side it is,  click on the ‘heart disease’.

Take care
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The best and only advice is speak with your fathers cardiologist about his care.
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