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anxious and stressed out

hey ...
i am 26 Male , a bit over healthy bmi around 29 !
i had been for a regular health checkup ...

total cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol was high ...

and treadmill test report was inconclusive ...
all rest test came back normal
apart from Vitamin d and vitamin b 12

i had an echo test done which specified i had an impression of
1) LV Hypertrophy noted
2) HYpertrophic cardiomyophty ??? ( apical variant ???????
3) normal LV and RV Systolic function
4) no clot / Vegetation /pe /pah/rwma

following are reports

1) mitral valve - E> A NO MR
2) aortic / tricuspid/pulmonary - Normal


all four
Mitral/aortic pulmonary/tricuspid - normal

Pulmonary - Normal
Global LV Function - Normal - 60%
CLots - NIL
pericardium - Normal

Mode Measurements -

LVIDd - 47mm
LVIDs - 26mm
IVS-     14mm
LVPW - 14mm
Aorta -   30mm
RV -15mm

EF --    60

chambers -
LA - Normal

LV - LV hypertrophy

ra / rv - normal

inter atrial septum - intact
inter ventriuluar septum - intact

i used to play regularly ( football  cricket ) i used to smoke a lot and occasionally drink

i am put on medicines

D RISE 60K for Vitamin D
nervijen for Vitamin b12

Roseday 20mg for Cholesterol

i am stressed out since 5 days !!

not able to get over it !

i am planning to start my work out?
what are the  precautions  ?

a piece of advise and help needed
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The shortage of vitamin B12 and D and the high cholesterol is taken care of with the medication you take.

Hypertrophy often is a result from a prolonged period of hypertension. What is your average blood pressure and if it is above normal, do you take bp lowering medication?
No ! I have normal blood pressure!
No medications i have taken !

No family record of having any heart/bp !

Really tensed!

What does my report indicate?
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You have only mild hypertrophy.
If hypertension is not the cause of it, did your doctor give an explanation for it?

Working out you should discuss with your doctor, but I presume there are no limitations.
Doctor isn't sure as of now!
He says it might be HCM non obstructive !!
Or Lv mild hypertrophy !
He says not to work out vigorously or strenuous workout !
No heavy lifting

Is there no cure for lv hypertrophy or HCM ?

I am being too stressed and anxious when i heard about heart issue !

Its making me search every page of google to find answers!

Piece of advice?
your doctor must have come up with a plan for you.
Further (gene)testing?

In general:
hypertrophy can be reversible when the cause of it is taken away. That is why I asked if you suffered from hypertension.
In HCM there is no obvious cause to take away.
HCM puts you at an increased risk for sudden cardiac arrest and competitive sports is therefore discouraged.

I guess that is the reason that your doctor advised against vigorous exercising, as long as the diagnosis is not there.
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Thank you ! But i have normal resting rate 55 to 100 while doing no work or minor work !
Walking and climbing stairs - 100 to 135

Sleeping is 45 to 75 !

I have regularly checking up my heart beat !

My family has no history of any heart issues / sudden heart attack !

Doc is planning lifestyle modifications
Post three months

Lipid profile test / echo and holter monitor test to rule any complications!

Sounds like a solid plan to me. Even if it would be non obstructive HCM, there is no reason for immediate action.

Your heart rates are normal.

Try to get your stress level down, try to loose some weight with a healthy lifestyle and exercise at no more than moderate level.
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Thank you !
I am already on it !
Life style modifications are been implied!

Stress and anxiety is making me mad!

Exercise at moderat level ? I am not actually getting it!
Moderate level means?
Moderate means just what your doctor told you:  not work out vigorously or strenuous workout and no heavy lifting

Good luck!
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