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atrial septal aneurysm

I have recently had a stroke and had a tee done which found a asa .  I have had chest pain on the left side as well as arm pain since the event  and saw a cardiologist for this reason.  He is running a stress test this week and I wondered if this was going to cause me to have another stroke as the first one happened while workingout. Thanking you Chris001

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If there is right to left shunting, there is a greater risk of stroke as the blood from the right atrium has not been filtered through the lungs.  If the shunting is left to right, the oxygenated blood will pass on to the lungs without a problem...a problem, if any, is less oxygenated/blood going into circulation with each heartbeat.

There is bi-directional shunting indicating there is left to right and right to left shunting depending intra chamber pressure.
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