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breathing causing some fast beats

Hi, thanks for a great forum.

I've noticed over the last few months that when i inhale deeply,i can on the odd occasion induce 1 or 2 quick beats in my chest.Sometimes it feels like my chest creaks? for a sec on deeply inhaling and then i get 2 fast beats kinda like this..boom..boom..boom..boom..boomboom(2 quick ones after breathing sometimes).It's certainly breathing related as i've sometimes felt it happen when taking a short breath(usually when i deep breathe though).It seems like my breathing sometimes knocks my heart out of rhythm for about a second or two.Any ideas what this could be?

Also when i breathe in and hold my breath sometimes, on exhaling, i can see my Heartrate go from 96bpm to 62bpm sometimes(then climbs back to normal).Is this big drop in the heartrate normal?

One last thing, i constantly feel gurgling high up in the left hand side of my chest(i thought wind was getting in to my heart at one stage but a doctor told me that's not possible).Is is possible to hear the sensation of your stomach rumbling high up in your chest? My stomach gurgles a lot for some reason.


Macdoo...25 yr old male.
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Thanks for the post,

The heart rate and rhythm responds to changes in your breathing.  When you take in a deep breath, you activate the parasympathetic nervous system which can lead to extra or skipped beats.  This is normal.

Holding your breath also leads to changes in the parasympathetic nervous system, which will cause an initial decrease in heart rate.  Depending on how long you hold your breath, the heart rate may then speed back up.

A hiatal hernia can be associated with grumbling at any location in your chest.  If air was rushing into your heart, you would be dead.

Hope that helps.

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I have noticed those same changes in my hr/pulse when I breathe in deep or exhale. Good to know its normal.
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this response to breathing is called sinus arrthymia.  it's completely normal and i have it as well.  as you inhale your heartrate speeds up, and as you exhale it decreases.
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