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chest discomfort treatment taken want to know about the echo report details

echo report details are
edv 163
esv 95
ef 42%
mitral valve moderate
aortic valve  nil
pulmonary valve nil
tricuspid valve moderate  pap 45mmhg

hypokinetic and distal ant septum,mid and distal ant wall,distal latrial ana apex .
normal diastolic compliance
moderate tr 2/4 pap 45mmhg
moderate mr 2+/4
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Your end-diastolic volume (EDV, heart filled with blood) is quite high, but the end-systolic volume (ESV, heart emptied) too.  
So with every stroke, your heart pumps out 68ml of the 163ml it contains, which is 42%. This is below normal (normal range is 55-70%).
This lower than normal ejection fraction (EF) of 42% is caused by the less tan normal action of parts of your heart muscle (hypokinetic .....).

There is moderate regurgitation (leakage) of the two valves (mitral valve and tricuspid valve) that separate the atria from the ventricles.
This needs not be a big problem, but requires monitoring (1x or 2x/yr).

What kind of treatment have you got for your chest discomfort?

thank u for u r answer
when chest dicomfort occured same day doctor adviced retlex injection cost of 35000 and medicines using  
What do you mean by retlex injection?  I never heard of that (or is it a type error?).
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