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chest pain on RIGHT side only ?

i have suffered severe heart anxiety in the last few years and have had numerous gp trips and a and e trips.
more recently i have been having a deep sensation on the right side of my chest only. its about an inch away from the centre of my chest and is mainly brought on by stress or shouting. sometime its a little ache for a few seconds through body building perhaps due to tensing the muscles or something.
im 21, otherwise healthy, no smoking, not obese, generally muscley due to weightlifting, great diet.
whats your opinions please? ive had a echo that was clear, ecg and stress ecg thats clear and a 24hr holter monitor, thats clear.
ive been told anxiety.

anxiety pain for me is acute, not one side of my chest and is usually accompanied with faster h.r.
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First, I hope you are seeing a professional about what you clearly understand is cardiac anxiety.  There is a lot of help and comfort available to you and others with this problem.

Second, regarding your right-sided chest pain:  There is pretty much *nothing* heart-related on that side.

Here, however, are some possible causes of right sided chest pain:

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