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chest,shoulder,throat face pain

im male,smoker, 57 yrs old, never had heart problem, both parent living and over 93 yrs old.  i have had 2 lower back sugery, 2 rotator cuff surgeries,blod pressure was good until recently,
ive been reading trying to figure out what my problem/  History as followed. a year ago had rotator cuff surgey, had severe recovery efforts.This january 21 i had to go to hospital for severe chest, throat, jaw,face pain. my bllod pressure was 218/105. They told me i had a heart attact and kept me for 11 days and done tests after test, they sent a camera down my throat and told me a also had irritated stomach . They gave me 8 different meds   , blllod pressure pills, arthritys pills, cholestorol pills (Had 6.08 cholestorol), blood thinner,ect ect
I take my bllod pressure dayl  fluctuate 135/85 to 170/97. depending on the severity of my chest pain i guess
Now here is whats weird.  Every time i statr to do something with my upper body, like put wood in woodstove, start painting, walk to gate to remove padlock,using my upper part of my body, i guess this pain which starts like i just swallowed a whole potatoe, pain goes down both arm to my hands, in my throat, upper jaw,and face. I also noticed i get real sore shoulders just like im carrying a really heaving packsack.  this shoulder pain persists throughout the whole day.. The less shoulder pain it seems i get the lesss chest pain. I can almost predict when the pain is coming just by how heavy my shoulders feel.   I never get heartburn anymore. I often get these chest pain by simply sitting, while driving,  Another weird thing is after getting a pain and it subsides, it can walk a long timer with no pain.  I never feels out of breath. When the pain starts to deminish it feels like the huge potatoe is actually passing through .  They have also done 2 different stress tests, the treadmill and the  2 part radio active injection that took 2 diiferent days apart. They also did ultra sound of the heart. chest xrays, stomach xray after i drank that milky stuff.   All tests came back negative.  What the heck can it be?  i cant work, or even play.get them chest pain everytime after and during orgasms,
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It could be a Hiatal Hernia affecting your Vagus Nerve.
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can that be fixed or repaired,  is it permanent?
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How would I narrow down this diagnosis?
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Hi there. Im not a doctor but will offer some general advice. As you know smoking is not good for your health. Especially Heart Lungs & Stomach. Anyway you had a heart attack. Was there any damage or scarring? You had an Echo test, what were the results. Its just they usually have a number of important results in them. For example what was the estimated EF % ? How were your valves working? What  I cant understand is that you say you can walk with no discomfort or shortness of breath? Yet at the end of your post you say you cant work or play without getting the Chest Pains. Did you have an angiogram? Did yoiu get a 24ABPM test to get a proper full day reading of your blood pressure?
What BP meds are you tasking?  The Hiatal Hernia is a possible and can be tricky to diagnose sometimes as the Hernia pushes up with gravity into the Chest area, but subsides again, so it may look ok on tests?
I would be concerned a bit on your description of Pains in upper body and arms. A lot of your description is broadly similar to Angina symptoms. Youi need expert advice from a cardiologist on this. I suggest you go back and if your not happy either get a new cardiologist or insist on re testing till your sorted out.  Your BP numbers as stated in your post are still too high for a post MI person, so act on it .
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