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costochondritus or ???

Hello ,
late last year I was diagnosed with a very sudden onset of costochondritus. I Had all the tests done at the time to rule out cardiac issues. ECG, EKG, stress test, US abdo, chest xrays, and many were done repetitively over a month due many emergencies visits I initially had.

Of late my GP is not so sure that I have CC as he has also had it and some of my symptoms don't add up to him... eg, random nerve pain, mainly elbows, wrists, sometimes, face, ankles...

More recently over the weekend I was out having tea with family and about 20 after our entrée. I had this strange feeling on my sternum. It literally felt like there was a handle placed right in the centre of my chest directly above the heart. It was like the someone was pushing or pulling on it, no pain, and no pain any where else...

The next day while thinking about what happened the night before, I started to get the same sort of feeling again... Due to the nature of how the CC all started I do experience quiet a bit of anxiety, which I am now dealing with...

I did have a very sore left pec, right around the nipple area the day before... any ideas???


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It's very difficult to say what is the cause of your current symptoms.  However, if your previous testing was negative (which was very comprehensive), it would be very reassuring that this is not from a cardiac etiology.  There are a number of organ systems that can cause chest/abdominal discomfort including problems with the lungs, gastrointestinal system, and problems with the musculoskeletal system (including the nerves).  If you are experiencing this after ingesting certain items, it is possible this could be due to acid reflux.
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Thanks for your reply... I probably should have mentioned it was Indian food that I ate too... Its very difficult given that I have have changing symptoms. Everything I read about chest issues even costochondritus says, if there's changes tell you doc asap.

However my doc believes its ALL anxiety and disregards anything I complain about. Even the nerve pain. To top it off my local ER agrees with him (due to clear tests thus far) and last time I presented with crushing type chest pain. I was made to wait 6hrs to be seen...

Could nerves cause a spasm or pressure on the sternum like I described ? or indigestion ?
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