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diastolic dysfunction

Quick question, so if i do get the underlying condition under control will my diastolic dysfunction not get any worse which would save me from getting HF? Also, u say that this causes symptoms similar to HF but is not HF, so how do you clinically diagnose HF? Thanks
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I'm sorry you're having some difficulty.  Diastolic dysfunction is very common, especially as patients get older.  It is heart failure, but it is failure of your heart to relax rather than to squeeze (the heart failure you're used to hearing about).  This causes very similar symptoms to systolic heart failure and treatments are very similar.  Unfortuntely, no treatment has real proven benefit for patients with diastolic dysfunction.  However, if your diastolic dysfunction is caused by high blood pressure and this is controlled, you may avoid further progression of the disease.  Please discuss with your physician as there are other causes of diastolic dysfunction such as amyloidosis, hemochromatosis, sarcoidosis which should be worked up.

Best of luck.
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the above is in reference to moderate left ventricular diastolic dysfunction, grade 2
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Unfortunately, i'm only 34 yrs of age so it was a shock when i received the diagnosis. I do have one final question, if i may. Since this is a chronic condition, will it be inevitable for me to  develop a more severe form of HF some time down the road? even if the underlying cause were to be normalized. So the only question would be how much time till then?
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