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echo report

hello doctor.....iam 32 yrs old female. .i am obsoutely normal.....i have no symptoms and my BP is 120/80mmHg....i went to my physician for general check up..i was told by him that i had a innocent murmur and need echo..after 2weeks i was shocked when i saw my echo report.it says that i have
1.mild mitral and tricuspid regurgitation(mitral inflow pattern is normal and tricuspid regurgitation is 2.19m/s)
2.trace aortic and pulmonary regurgitation
3.mild concentric LVH (IV septum is 1.20cm)
and on the otherside it saying that all valves are normal in structure and function..what does this mean?
4. EF is 55-60%
5. Rt Atrial Pressure is 10mmHg
6.RV systolic P is normal at 29.2mmHg
iam very worried about this report..please explain me whether its normal or not...and i had been using amytriptiline for 3-4yrsbut stopped taking 1yr ago... and i didnt have Rheumatic fever during my childhod
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Trace and mild valve leakage is insignificant.  Normal EF (55-75%) which is the amount of blood pumped out with each heartbeat.

Normal structure and function indicates no congenital or otherwise deformity and functionality is normal notwithstanding the slight leakage.

Normal IVS (interventricular septum) is 0.6-1.1 cm.  That is the wall that separates the left and right chambers.  The 1.2 cm is slightly high but it is an estimte, and it is within the margin of error.

An innocent murmur heard by a stethoscope concerned your doctor regarding your heart valves, and an echo doesn't show any significant problem with your valves.

RV (right ventricle) intra chamber pressure during pumping phase is normal.

LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy) slightly enlarged.  Normal is 3.5-5.7 cm.  

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thanks for ur kind reply....what about my Rt Atrial P...(normal is ZERO)..mine is 10mmHg...and one more Q is:how long does it take to progress from trace or mild to moderate or severe?
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With a normal study there should be no progression as mild/trace is a normal finding.    Right atrial pressure range (from research in books) shows 7 +/- 3.5mmhg so you are normal.  

Did your doctors look over your report and assure you everything was okay?
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Two-dimensional Echocardiographic Parameters of Right-Side Cardiac Structure and Function in Patients With Normal and Elevated Mean Right Atrial Pressures

RAP 8 mm Hg or less                RAP>8 mm Hg  (RAP...right atrial mean pressure)

RA vol max, cm3 38±8                 45±14 .52
RA vol min, cm3 18±5                  30 ±15 .22
RAEF, % 52±11                          39±15 .04

A higher RAP slows blood velocity and can/will decrease filling time/capacity and reduces RA systole [emptying fraction (RAEF) ].

RVEF, % 48±8                            40±10 .1

Right ventricle ejection fraction is reduced with higher RAP.
Results are mean±SD.

There are sources that indicate less than 10 mm/hg as normal as markman posts.  Your M-Mode values and metrics from your echo don't indicate a problem.  Mild, trace is of no signifcance and almost always doesn't progress

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