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feel heart beat in head

I feel heart beat in head. The heart beat is not fast but i can feel it in my head. My Blood Pressure is absolutely fine,its 109--75.Can anybody help me with that. I hope there is nothing to worry.
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who knows. i feel my heart beat anywhere, sometimes in my teeth, head, chest, fingers, arms, legs. but then again, i have anxiety. don't get all worried about it.
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My freiend  feel when he  put his head on the pello same beating, but he knows it is from al cohol when he stopped every things normal
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Found this on the net:

what causes out of the blue you can feel your heartbeat in you head all heart test are normal do have tachycardia had it for years but the heartbeat in the head is new like a month or so.

Dear XXX,

If you hear your heart beat in your ears, it may be patulous Eustachian tubes, the tubes that connects ears with throat.  This is especially likely if you have lost a lot of weight in the past 6 months.  If you don't hear your heart beat but just feel it in hour head, high blood pressure or increased anxiety or anger might be responsible.
Some times I feel and can hear my heart beat in my head. I would like to know what causes this
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