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heart disease

I have a catch on the left side of my breast not really a pain, and I have a lump like in my throat like fullness. I do have acid reflex.  no shortness of breath though.
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So many of us have different symptoms when it comes to a heart problems and acid reflux. Ed, the above poster, never had shortness of breath but I did. His pain also went away when he was still, mine did not. It goes to show you how very different we are. The best thing to do is see your Dr. You might even want to go to a Med Center to be checked out. Are you taking any meds for the acid reflux, do they help at all if you are?
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The symptoms for acid reflux and heart problems are very similar and often one is mistaken for the other. I spent a whole year on acid reflux medication before having a heart attack. I kept trying to explain that the throat discomfort I had was something I had never experienced in my 46 years of life, but unfortunately that didn't seem to matter. I too never suffered shortness of breath. The key though, was that the symptoms were always brought about by exertion or going out into cold weather. If I stood still, then the symptoms would go away within a few seconds. If the symptoms last a long time when you stand or sit motionless, then it is more likely to be acid reflux. I have to add that ECG's and Ultrasounds revealed nothing odd, which is maybe why I slipped through the net.
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Shortness of breath is not always part of heart problems. Call your doctor for an appointment.
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