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When having a migraine can u lose vision in one eye 30min with no pain but flashing lights
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Absolutely have this checked out.  I ws watching TV one evening and without any warning or symptoms I lost the vision in my right eye.  It was plaque in the artery and is not reversible.  A few months later though I had some flashes of light and lost the peripheral vision in that eye. (In the beginning it was just the vision in the top portion of my eye. I know it sounds weird, but different areas of the retina see different angles.)  Did your vision return?
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You can have an ocular migraine without experiencing flashing lights. I would always follow up with a Doctor if this is the first time you had these symptoms though.
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Thanks its my hubby thats got it .His vision went back to normal . the doctors sent him to have tests they think it was a T I A ( mini stroke ) thankyou for your reply ;-)
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