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I have 8 stent, 6 in the RCA and 2 in the obtuse marginal, I was 38 when I had my first heart attack, I am now 40.  I'm constantly feeling chest pains could the medicine I'm on cause these pains? I take 40mg of crestor, 5mg of bystolic, 325mg of aspirin, 75mg of clopidigral, 10mg of lisinopril
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The bistolic can cause chest pain. The other medicines not afaik.

How long have you been taking this medicines and since when do you experience chest pain?
If you have been taking these medicines for a longer period already and are only recently experiencing this chest pain, it is not probable that it is a side effect of the medicines.  

BUT, whether or not a side effect of medication, I recommend that you contact your cardiologist. In your situation, do not take chances and get it sorted out.
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I've been to the hospital several times, had 4 angioplasty, nuclear stress test, echocardiogram, regular stress test! My symptoms happen when im just sitting around.  I was at the zoo the other day and was walking around , did 10 miles, not one problem. I'm gonna check with my doctor this Wednesday, hopefully he will have some answers.  Thanks for the reply
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It could be your stomach or esophagus which lie very close to your heart. I have 10 stents and have been back to the hospital on more than one instance to be diagnosed with a swollen esophagus or stomach problem. The annoying thing is, this can take over 12 hours because 2 troponin blood tests are taken, one on arrival and one 12 hours later.
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Hi-You should also maintain the food chart.
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mix in a nitro pill or spray when having pain.  If it goes away, it's cardiac.  
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mix in a nitro pill or spray when having pain.  If it goes away, it's cardiac.  
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