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heart flutter/spasm twitch chest

hi there for the last 7 days probally more  i have experienced chest heart flutters really noticed it about 7 days ago when it started to happen more than twice a day,

since then mainly today and yesterday i have felt these spasm/flutters every 20 seconds to 3 minutes throughout the day, since writting this i have felt them happen twice allready i have a doctors app tomorrow for this.

i am 30 years old, have not been exerting myself at all, on no med's or any drugs. and in good shape for my age/height weight all good.

i dont really feel any pain with these flutters just general ache after it happening so much but no real pain, but i feel like i have to take a deep breath after it happens,

any advice on this as it seems to be getting worse and worse and more regular/stronger
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Go to your emergency centre at the hospital and have an EKG. Make sure they do one when the symptoms are both present, and not, so they have the two to match for spotting any changes in heart rhythm. You need to eliminate this as a problem.
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not saying you have coronary spasms at all...

but a form of coronary spasm such as prinzmetal angina is often hard to find on ECG,
because there would have to be a spasm the moment the ECG is taken and even then
I THINK (not sure) there is still uncertainty whether the result of the ECG can really confirm or deny the presence of coronary spasms.

there is a special test for coronary spasms...
it's called angiography +  Acetylcholine,
not ergovonine because acetylcholine is much safer
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