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heart palpitations

hi i'm only 17 but for the past 7 months now i've had really bad issues with heart palpitations. when i stand up at all sometimes i just collapse to the ground because i get really lightheaded and my heart feels like its going to come out through my throat. but recently even just trying to sit up in bed is causing me to fall back down in agony. i have no idea what it is. because i have had anxiety and panic attacks and its nothing like them. because it comes in waves where some days i will hardly notice that my hearts going to other days were i cant move without my heart starting to palpitate. is there anything i could be without being too serious?
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thank you for the comment...
i think i may go to the doctors.
ive had the issue with anxiety for 3years now and it comes and goes with other issues.
i do think sometimes is phsycological.but ive been to phsycologist, a mental health nurse, a cpn and a counsellor. they have helped and i do feel less anxious. but the issue with the heart palpitations wont go away. i think i may go to the doctor but i am really nervous to. i mean going to the mental health people was nessicary and people kept telling me so they told me so, so i got it into my head.
but because i dont feel this is nessiccary i really can't move myself.i went up to the doctors today to pick up my dads prescription and i was going to ask for an appointment but im too nervous about it.
ive become more nervous about important things and tiny things that it becomes hard. i didnt leave space for it in my scedule so i couldnt do it. i cant do spontanious things. but maybe one of these days i'll get around to it.
thank you soo much for your reply. may ALLAH and/or God bless you. your are very kind. and i do understand Islam for its reality.i do not belief in one set religion but i would never say one was wrong.and Islam is deffinately one that i respect the most.
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All of us in this forum been through a lot of issue similar, so first thing is first, you go to a cardiologist a heart doctor, do all tests necessary, if everything came back normal, then you can move to another track then which is physiological disorders which i've been through and I'm now 29 years old and i've been there and done that, i've been through this anxiety and panic **** for 10 years and with my experience I'm telling you cut the negative supply of thoughts from the beginning, don't wait until things get out of hand like me, don't feel ashamed that you are going to a physiatrist, go to him tell him everything, should he prescribe a medicine for the anxiety or panic, discuss with him that is it good or health for someone in your age to take it and you can always ask another doctor for his opinion or one of your trusted family members, OR...Face the panic and anxiety once and for all and SAY: I'm not going to be scared no more, what will happen is going to happen whether you or i or anyone else liked it or not, so don't worry so much about the future, concentrate on things at hand, in your time which you can control, occupy yourself with useful matters, go out there, help people, they need you, don't always be the one who needs help, you are strong and full of faith, don't waste your life ok...
But like i said first, go to the doctors and check yourself for anything physical, if nothing there, forget about these matters, and always be useful in every second and occupied cause if you noticed when you are busy and you have a task that you wanna finish so bad you'll forget about anything else no matter how great influence it has over you.
So sorry this was too long, may ALLAH bless you, and don't think that because i mentioned the word ALLAH that I'm a terrorist, I'm not, I'm a muslim and we believe that if you believe in ALLAH and rely on him and be good in your life to yourself and others, you will survive and have a happy life no matter what happened in life from sickness to all kind of Misfortunes, this is the true ISLAM, not the one most people think of reading about it in most news papers and hearing false things about it in news all the time,
God luck always and God bless you.
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