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heart pumping at 10%, how to increase

My uncle is 73. Before 10 months he was suffered from heart attack at that time his heart was pumping on 20%. Doctor says that heart is damage internally such that they cannot do angiography or angioplasty. But before few days he had swelling in legs , neck. His stomach is full of excessive fluid & he put on weight to 5kg in 8 months, so as per part of treatment under ICU doctor has removed 4Ltr of fluid from his body.. He looks fine , he talks , smile & behave just like a normal person, He doesn't have any other disease like BP , diabetes, yes but short breathness.
I want to know what the best thing i can do for him , is there any chances to increase pumping rate back to 20-30% in next few months. What best thing i can do for him ? Any help will be appreciated , Also would like to know little about echo 2D report, we did testing before lunch & after some workout so is that the reason for low pumping rate ?
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With 10% heart pumping, his heart has trouble getting rid of the excess fluid trapped in the body tissues. This is called edema. When the edema is in the stomach area, it will normally not cause too much problems as long as the amount of fluids is low. 4 liters is of course quite a lot.

Best advice that I can give you, is to make sure that he follows very carefully the guidlines/advice his doctor gives him, regarding medicine intake, max fluid intake per day etc.

No special preparation in required for an echo, so lunch and/or workout will not have effect on the outcome.
Thanks for your advice.. but i was describing the state of uncle before 1 hour of 2D echo report process.. It gives me relief that he is not having any other problem.. I'll like to see him again healthy & fit :)
God bless you sir.
Healthy and fit will be a bit much to ask. The damage of the heart from the MI is irreversible. Heart muscle tissue is replaced by scar tissue that does not contribute to the function of the heart.

Yes, activities before the echo, like eating, working out, etc will not have much impact on the outcome of the echo. The EF will not be measured lower as a result of his workout.
But can we say Edema can be cause of low pumping rate as short of breath ? if edema cured , can 2D echo report shows better result ?
No, the edema is the result of the low pumping rate, not the cause.
Got it .. Thanks dear.
Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the tissues of the body. Although edema can affect any part of your body, it is easily noticed in the hands, arms, feet, ankles and legs.
When it builds up in the thorax, it can cause shortness of breath and/or difficulty in breathing

Edema is often the result of a underlying disease, often heart failure.

i have read about edema .. meaning if heart not working correctly will result in edema .. I think Ayurveda can add some help in increasing the pumping rate yet not sure..  
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