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heart test questions

I had some tests done recently and I am unsure of the results. The cardiologist in the hospital didn't say anything.   left ventricle is of normal size visually estimated ejection fractions =60-65% there is a mild concentric left ventricular hypertrophy. right ventricle is mildly dilated, left atrium normal., right mild right atrial enlargement, atrial septum is fine, aortic valve is not well visualized but probably trileaflet. No doppler evidence of aortic stenosis and no aortic regurgitation is present. Mitral valve appear to open normally. There is trace mitral regurgitation. Trivial AMVP. Tricuspid Valve leaflets appear to open normally. There is mild tricuspid regurgitation. The interior vena cava is dilated but reactive. pulmonic valve is not well visualized.  aortic root is normal size. The transmitral spectral Doppler flow pattern is suggestive of impaired LV relaxation. Effusions small anterior pericardial effusion. Right pleural effusion. Please someone tell me what all this means!!! Thank you.. should I be worried? Is it normal.. the wording doesn't sound normal.
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Ok thank you!  I wasn't sure.. it was all jibberish to me. I have been going through a lot of test and have not seen the cardiologist yet and won't till December so I wasn't sure
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You should have a health profressional interpret the report to really understand it, but in general words like 'normal, trivial and mild' should give you give you comfort that the report tells you that your valves are normal.  Almost everyone has 'trivial' or 'mild' leakage.  Words like 'moderate, severe' suggest a problem.  Also, your Ejection Fraction (heart pumping efficiency)  is well within the normal, even high normal range.  If I got that report, I would be thrilled.
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