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my husband was told he had severe desiese in the circumflex what does this mean
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The circumflex is a coronary artery, supplying oxygen to the heart muscle, at the rear/left side. It is an important vessel because it does supply quite a substantial amount of tissue. Severe disease refers to the fact it is coated inside over a considerable distance with plaque, restricting the flow of blood.
The Cardiologist may feel bypass is required. I do believe if the disease is over a long length of the vessel, it is very rare for stenting to even be mentioned.
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the drs say they are not going to do anything why
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Although heavily diseased, there may be adequate blood supply for now. With proper lifestyle changes that adequate flow may be maintained for many years, everyone is different. It could be that he has also opened tiny blood vessels called collaterals which are feeding some extra blood into the area.
If symptoms do not exist in the patient, or if medication removes symptoms to give a good quality of life, then intervention is usually avoided.
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he has also had a reveal devise fitted and also had an angiogram where they found the desiese so why would they still fit the reveal devise.
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Has he been having dizzy spells or other symptoms? Usually a reveal device is installed if the patient is experiencing problems which may be associated with heart rhythm stability.
The Angiogram is what discovered the disease in the Circumflex.
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no dizzy spells but they said he had an arhythmia said his heart was beating to fast at one point and to slow
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The installed device will record any abnormalities so the cardiologist can see the exact problem and know how to deal with it.
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