iam 25 and iam underweight iand i have hypercholesterolemia,i didnt think it was a big deal, but i have been reading on it and i am worried,i dont know what type i have both my mom and dad both have it so what should i do
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I think Ally will agree It is highly recommended by the medical community if you have a genetic predisposition for hypercholesterolemia. You should adhere to a strict protocol to reduce the risks.  

I believe with both parents having the disorder, that would indicate 100% that you have the defective gene.
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Yes your Doctor should put you on Statins to reduce your Cholesterol. With Hypercholesterolemia, It is unlikely you will get them down sufficiently through diet alone.
I was diagnosed with Familial hyper***** and 40mg of statins a day has done amazing wonders.
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My brother and I both have this and it is totally under control with meds for both of us.  My triglycerides were over 2100 before I started taking Tricor.  My brother takes Tricor and Lovastatin.  Both of us now have normal readings.  Take care, Ally
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