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high heart rate while sleeping

I have been under alot of stress for a few months now, I was having trouble sleeping and now for the past 3 weeks my heart rate is high while trying to sleep, it is continually high, approximately as high as my day time heart rate which I know cannot be right since our heart rate is suppose to drop when getting to sleep. Now I'll only sleep 3 to 5 hours and will wake up because my body just wont calm down. I use to be able to sleep 8 to 10 hours with no trouble. When I go to sleep Im not stressing over anything Im just doing like I always have done.
I had tried a form of alternative medicine called emotional freedom technique (EFT) approx. 3 weeks ago, it has to do with going over past traumatic events that have occured in your life while tapping on a sequence of meridian points on the body. Im not sure if this has anything to do with my raised heart rate while trying to sleep or not, all I know is that I have a heart rate that is too high while trying to sleep.

Can anyone provide any insight?

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What is your heart rate?
Have you had a physical by an M.D. lately?
Have you had your thyroid levels checked?
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Hi,I believe that you are suffering from stress,certain levels of stress are indeed normal but sometimes we can notice things that we otherwise would not because of it.
First of all you did not explain how you came to the conclusion of exactly how you feel that your heart is beating faster when you sleep.obviously your unconscious so how would you know?better to measure your heart rate and BP upon rising before breakfast,if your heart rate is over 100 bpm then there MAY be a problem worth talking to your doctor about.but if your heart is even 99 bpm that can be normal too.
of course cut out all caffeine based products before bedtime too.

The fact that you mention "past traumatic events"only reassures me that you are indeed in stress, which could also affect your subconscious mind when your sleeping.
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