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how dangerous are runs of pvcs?

I recently had a holter monitor test, revealing around 540 PVCs in 48 hours, and a small number of PACs, around 40 or so.

An echocardiogram revealed mild enlargement of the left ventricle,but was not considered a concern. I have an ejection fraction of 65%, and was assured my "pump was O.K." Similarly I had tests which revealed no arterial blockages.

I have experienced "runs" of PVCs, up to 12, with no ordinary beats between them, on three occasions in the last three weeks. Of course, the holter monitor didn't catch them!

My doctor says the PVCs themselves are not concerning, but is a bit non-commital about the runs, saying they would need treatment if they "got worse".

How dangerous are these runs?

I would like to try to ignore the PVCs and get on with my life, but I cannot if I am always waiting for this increase in "runs".

Thanks for your attention!
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PVCs (or premature preventricular contractions) are frequently benign but can occasionally be so frequent as to cause the heart muscle to become weakened over time.  They can be exacerbated by excessive caffeine or alcohol intake and people usually notice them the most when sitting quietly or lying in bed trying to sleep.  Given that you were symptomatic and the PVCs appear to be frequent, I would recommend that you make an appointment for a second opinion with an electrophysiologist (a subspecialty of cardiology) just to confirm that there is no cause for concern as occasionally they can be from a more dangerous cause.  Make sure to bring all of your previous records with you for your appointment, including the images from your echocardiogram and your prior EKGs if possible.
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Thank you so much for your advice. I have an appointment to see my cardiologist, and I will ask about making an appointment with an electrophysiologist as you suggest.

I had a stress test done since my last post, during which I had one PVC (!). I asked my doctor about the unbroken runs of PVCs. He seemed unconcerned, suggesting that the number of PVCs I experience is unremarkable and that the "runs" might be bigemeny or runs of PACs (I had a run of three PACs on my holter test).

I had another seemingly unbroken "run" of PVCs yesterday.

I have read a little about NSVT, but information about its significnce seems conflicting.

I am very concerned about the possible outcome of these episodes and the possibility of their degenerating into something more serious, if indeed they are runs of otherwise "benign" PVCs.

My anxiety centres on a scenario where I have a "run" of PVCs leading to VT and or VF, if such a thing is possible.

Once again, I appreciate your input, thanks for you response.
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