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i have a hear rate question and im a little concerned.

I wasnt sure what to put the tpoic as.. so i put it as other.. but i have a question on heart rates.
Im a 16 yr old teen, and weight around 140 5'5". Is it normal for me to have a resting beat of 104?
If not normal, could this be a sign of heart disease, or diabetes?
It runs in my family so im a little worried.

Another note..
Is it normal for some to eat a meal and feel fine, but about 6 hrs later, for them to feel dizzy and light headed along with shakeyness, and then it slowly go away after you get done eating food?
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and yes after i posted all that i relized i spelt " heart " the wrong way. My apologies. TT_TT
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A resting beat of 104 is a bit too high. Normally the HR is between 60 and 100, most likely in the 70's.

Getting light headed 6 hours after eating, hmm, maybe a dip in blood sugar. The only way to tell is with a simple fasting blood test.

How long has it been since you've seen your doctor? These would be good questions to bring up at an exam.
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Yes, that heart rate is high if you are resting. I agree with Irene, your blood sugar levels are dropping.  It could be that you are burning or processing sugar too quickly.  See your doctor soon.  These need to be addressed.
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aww, crap =.=
Yes i will try to get to the doctor as soon as possiable! Thank you for this information, you could be my life saver x.x
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I hope you have seen your doc & everythin is ok with you.
I had a resting beat of 130 - 170! I had tachycardia & underwent an EP study & ablation (which was successful)
You may not need such extreme measures yourself.. your doc will prob put you on ace inhibitors to slow your pulse.. But it is definitely something you would want to have checked by your doc or if he doesn't seem too concerned (which mine wasn't!) get a referral to a cardiologist!
Best of luck! :)
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