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i have discomfort in my heart/near left breast and it comes and goes?

First things first - i feel like i do struggle with health anxiety. Something feels wrong and i automatically think of the worst. So I may just be overthinking it- but I ate at In N Out (one of my fav places lol) and soon after I felt super tired and weak and felt like I was having anxiety. But I brushed it off and rested for a few minutes and I felt normal after. Then I went running a couple days ago and my heart started to hurt as I breathed (I haven’t ran in years, literally) I weigh 90 pounds and i’m 5 foot, 21 years old. I’m small but definitely out of shape lol. I’ll do workouts here and there but i hate running so it’s been a while. So I stopped running that day cause my heart was hurting and ever since then, i’ve had this discomfort in my chest area like to the right of my left breast and surrounding it. Nothing crazy, it comes and goes. It’s like a 2/10 discomfort but won’t go away completely. It goes away when i change positions, too. I don’t know if it’s serious enough to go to the doctor but feel like I should anyway. What do you think?
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Hi, I advise you to see cardiologist consultant & do a completed test which included ECG, blood test & treadmill test.  I was  fortunate that I went for the test after I experienced my unusual back shoulder pain, I failed the treadmill test, & there I went for angiogram, there I had 95% triple blockage. I had my bypass heart surgery on 19 July.  Please go for cardiologist & don't hesitating.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Health anxiety is hard to deal with.  It also makes it tricky to decide when something is cause for legitimate concern or not.  In the case of chest pain that comes and goes, I strongly recommend going ahead and following up on this to make sure it is not cardiovascular in nature.  Chest pain that comes and goes and intensifies at different times is one of the symptoms of a cardiovascular issue, however, there are also often other symptoms that accompany it. You need to rule this out though.  Other symptoms would be shortness of breath, a crushing feeling, searing pain down both or one arm, in jaw, down back, etc.  

There are gastrointestinal things that cause this also such as gerd.  


Please see your doctor for evaluation.  
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