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intral atrialseptal aneurysm

Hi! I am a 36yrs. old male that was diagnosed with a atrial septal aneurysm several years ago. This was found at a VA. clinic after several bouts of chest pain with shortness of breath. They said that they were going to treat this with 81mg baby  aspirin. My most recent incident was chronic chest pain with shortness of breath and a cold sweat w/ sore arm. This happened about a week ago, as well as several months ago. My father recently suffered a stroke in july on one side of his brain and an older one on the other side. Obviously this type of thing has recently raised a concern for me. My mother also had an issue with a nitro valve. How often should I push to get seen to get an echo?

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I assume you are interested of the seriousness and treatment options available for your aneurysm. If your atrial septal aneurysm doesn't shunt blood flow across the aneurysm from one side to the otherside atrium there isn't much that needs done other than contol blood pressure. There are medical literature and articles that suggest blood clots can form in the aneursym can form in the aneursym itself because the blood tends to pool there.  

With your symptoms and family history of heart disease, you should have a regular evaluation of your heart health.  Your current symptoms of shortness of breath, etc. should be attended to by your doctor to rule out any current heart problems that should be treated.

Thanks for sharing and if you have any follow-up questions you are welcome to ask.
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I wouldn't think an atrial septal aneurysm would cause you such troubles. The symptoms you describe are that of a MI (heart attack). If you get those symptoms again i would strongly recommend an immediate visit to the ER. Even with the aspirin you could have still thrown a clot. The only difference between a MI, CVA (stroke) or a PE ( Pulmonary embolism ) is where the clot went after it left the heart.
I don't know how often you would need to get it evaluated But obviously if it's causing these types of problems it needs to be evaluated again NOW.
They should probably do either a TEE or a dual sided cardiac cath.  
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