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is my ejection fraction rate too high?


I just got my 2d echo results today and the general conclusion is normal. However I was wondering why there are some values that are high. I've listed components that I noticed were out of range, could anybody shed some light? i'll be seeing a cardio on monday but I'm just curious. Thanks!

interventricular septum:
  systolic thickness 16.60 (normal 7-15)

LV posterior wall:
  wall thickening 94.12 (normal  >30)

left ventricle:
  ejection fraction 83.72 (normal 55-80)
  cardiac index     4.37  (normal >2.2)
  fractional shortening 45.4    (normal 27-45)
  wall stress 115.21  (normal 55-80)
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I frequently see medical tests where a measure is "flagged" as too high or low compared to average.  One I always get is my blood HDL is too high.  The HDL is the "Good" cholesterol and so the fact I am higher than average is not a bad thing.  I feel much the same about EF.  While it is possible for these measures to be too high, I don't consider you being a little over the average is bad, I think it is good.

Others may be able to give you a medical view, I assume your doctor as.  In this case non comment is the same as good in my mind.
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