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left ventricular cavity dilatation

Hi, for the past few weeks I have been feeling a slight discomfort on my upper left chest/shoulder and back, I can't really call it pain more like a light pressure, strange and irritating sensation so I went to a doctor who ordered a few exams amongst them a echocardiogram 2d m.

The guy who performs the echo doesn't really talk with you and you just wait until a nurse brings you the results and I was just looking at them and the only thing that looks problematic to me is a left ventricular cavity dilatation of 58 mm. trying to figure out what it meant I went online and I see that it's a common condition amongst elite athletes, I do play sports and lift weights but I'm far from being an elite athlete, is there something else that could have caused this condition or it's just years of effort pilled up?

I'm asking this because I remember dating a brazilian girl who had heart problems because she had been bitten by a bug (yes I'm serious) and had some kind of infection, is that infection contagious?

thanks for your help
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Thank you so much for your reply, I am seeing my primary care doctor tomorrow as the pressure I feel on my chest/shoulder hasn't abated.
My echo doesn't show a ejection fraction but a shortening fraction instead. I have it at 48% being 42% the norm from what I've red online.

  I am not in brazil, the reason I first thought it could be viral was that I never experienced chest pains before in my life, only after dating this brazilian girl for a few weeks and after breaking up 1 week later I felt chest pain for the first time during my sleep. Being south america rich with strange virus that's what worried me.
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Schistosomiasis is a common cause of heart failure in brazil, but it is not infectious.  The cavity dilation of 58 mm (in diastole) in the setting of normal aortic and mitral valve and with a normal ejection fraction is probably of no significance.  
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