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life after stents

Hey there people,i had a major heart attack a week a go and luckily ended up in hospital the outcome was i needed a stent to open a blocked atery,i recovered  very well and now am taking meds for life.i will be getting another stent in a couple of weeks as i have another atery nearly blocked.So what i would like to know is,why am i getting crazy heart pulpitations that come and go a pressure on the side of my head above my ear -doc says its just the meds and ill get used to it,so what is life like in the first year after stents any tips or experiences to share would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Rixsta,
good to read a posting from you so soon after that major heart attack you had.
The first year after getting a stent does not need to be so different from a year without a stent. You will getting anti coagulation medication (probably for a year) to prevent thrombosis in the stent.
Further, you will be getting medication for life to prevent development of new blockages. (statines, blood pressure control etc)
In my experience, these medications do not change life very much.

What could change your life more however is the effect of the attack itself. How much damage is done to your heart and what are the consequences of it in the nearby and farther away future.
A week is too soon to know that.
You will get an echo doppler (after 6 weeks ?) to check the function of your heart.
You will probably go into a revalidation process after a few weeks, to slowly build up your physical condition and to find out where your limits are.

If you are lucky and the damage is limited, you can be almost back to normal in about 3 months (?).

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

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