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mitral trivial regurgitation

hello im 18 yers old male who suffers from anxiety.it all strated  from chest pain i did echo stress test holter ekg all came finee but after 3 months i got shortness of breath and dizzines with extra beats less than 50 a day so i did echo again everything was fine beside mitral trivial regurgitation my doctor said that its nothing so i should not worry and my symptoms are just anxiety related but it did not show on my first echo so i wonder could it e acuted or i had it before?
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Trivial or mild regurgitation of the Mitral valve is very common and nothing at all to worry about. It might be so trivial that they never saw it on the first echoscan.
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Can it become any worse in future? And by what it may be caused because i have scoliosis and i heared that sometimes it affects heart in mild form
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there are a number of causes but some are still unknown. High blood pressure is the leading culprit. It COULD get worse but we are talking about many many years. It COULD stay in its current condition for the rest of your life. It really is as your Doctor told you, nothing to worry about. Your spine wouldn't cause a valve problem.
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Thanks for anwser oh i forgot they wrote this +1/+4 and should i avoid anything like sport food or just stress.and also if i have only regulation problem without prolapse and i never have high blood preassure should it lower chances of worsening my condition.my doctor said that about 40% of population has it but i am not sure
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With trivial mitral regurgitation only, you fall in the category of healthy people.
That means that sport is something you you can do without any limitations.
In the long run, stress is bad for everyone, so also for you.

So, eat healthy, stay active, avoid stress and enjoy life!
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