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need to know if having a heart attack

i am a 18 year old male, i dont exercise at all really, sodium intake is around 2000 a day and cholesteral intake is like 190-200 tops.started feeling slight chest pains on December 20th and they have been going ever since and does hurt more then it did back then when it does happen but its not fall over pain. my mom also had a heart attack on the 21st and she is in her 50's. also have this wierd feeling where the left side of my body i dont feel as much as my right side and feel's light. also havent gone to the bathroom(as sad as this may sound) poop really(maybe a tid bit like twice) since the 20th. so is this serious or is it all in my head?
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It is not likely to be a heat attack simply because you are 18 years old. But there are other causes, rarer and related to congenital abnormalities which can cause similar symptoms, for which I would say that you seek emergent medical attention. Go to an ER  and seek their opinion, based on an EKG, and some lab work.
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Chest pain is a serious biz, go and c a doc
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now i feel a tightness in both of my arms with no current chest pain(that lasts longer then a few seconds)..should i be calling 911 or just wait?

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