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new echo results

as i said i have trivial mitral regutitation but week ago i have done echo again and it showed also physiological tripuscid and pulmonary regurgitation are all these 3 together dangerous? and why did not other echo picked it up?my doc told me that they used new echo technology which is the newest one for this time with 3d technology so could it be reaon?
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Nothing "physiological" is dangerous. It basically means "Like it's supposed to be".

All heart valves leak. The reason is that they are passive valves, and for them to close, some blood must necessarily push back.

Some doctors choose to not mention physiological findings. Some doctors do, but they say "physiological regurgitation".

I hope you will feel calm now and accept that nothing is wrong.
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:D thanks again for answer i just thought that i got these new regurgirations in this month and I'm scared that soon i will have new problems because of some undiagnosed condition.i don't have fever so they ruled out endocar.. and rheumatic fever but they can't tell me what caused all these regurgitations or just better machine picked up better and even smaller problems?
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An echo would reveal endocarditis. So don't worry about that.

Physiological regurgitations don't have a cause. They are simply the result of how the heart works (and should work). As the main heart chambers contract (pump blood), they increase the pressure and for blood not to run backwards, the mitral and tricuspid valve close. But the reason they close is because blood push towards the valves. For them to close, some blood must necessarily flow back. Otherwise the valves would not close.

So this is a completely normal phenomenon which happens in everyone.
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wow thanks for answer can i ask one more having extra beats vents and spc both less than 50 a day holter results.is it dangerous to have ectopic beats with mitral registration
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No, ectopics are not dangerous. We all have them. Trivial mitral regurgitation is not a structural heart disease
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wow thanks now i think i calmed down
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