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palpitations and hunger?

Hi I am just wondering if there is anyone else out there that feels the palpitations more when the are hungry. Not sure if I am just grasping at straws to find a reason why they get worse.
Thanks... ricoh
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I definitely get more pvcs when i go for a long time without food. Then again i also get more pvcs if i eat too much. I do however get alot of indigestion so that maybe why i'm not sure. :(
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Yes.  Low blood sugar kicks my palpitations into high gear.  I'm sensitive to adrenaline (stress, exercise, fear, anger, etc.) and since low levels of blood sugar cause an adrenaline dump, it's not surprising.
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Yes, I was looking for anyone else that gets palpitations when hungry. That's what I noticed yesterday. I went a long time between meals and without caffeine, I started getting the.
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My heart does the same thing! My doctor told me that the heart can palpitate worse if you eat a lot because it basically makes your stomach super full and your heart hits against the stomach, making it palpitate. But Mine does completely opposite. If I feel hungry, my heart palpitations feel like they get worse. Once I eat, they go away! I'm still not sure why this happens.
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I have the same thing.  I get really bad runs  of PVCs when I'm hungry and the only thing that makes them stop is eating.  I asked my doctor about the connection and she says there is none, but I strongly disagree.
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Hi ive being getting these ectopic beats too when stressed over eating and skipping meals the other day i felt this chest thump while in work checked my pulse wasnt that high then got this wave of hunger that wouldnt go away untill i ate to be honest im getting fed up with these ectopic beats
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I have the same thing happen to me. It is pretty scary. I will see what my doctor says on Monday.
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Had a major episode last week while hungry - heart started rapidly fluttering while driving and started getting dizzy as if I was going to pass out. Pulled over, episode passed, and ate lunch. Things felt somewhat normal for most of the day, but felt the onset of the same episode toward the end of the afternoon w/out the full experience. Scared the $@% out of me.
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I have the same thing. It took me a while to realize it happened when I was hungry.  There must be a connection.
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I am the same at night time and scares me so much I don't sleep. I am over weight so refuse so give in to it and eat!
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I have been suffering excessive "hunger" pangs, NOT appetite, rush of adrenaline or whatever could be cortisol or insulin or ???? feeling faint, passing out almost, sweating, causing angina!!  Blood sugar level is "normal"  as a results, because nobody knows what this is triggered by, I am suffeirng unstable angina....Any idea what this could be ?  Please help.
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So, obviously, hormones kicking is now affecting the heart resulting in unstable angina, and who knows, may be heart attack or stroke next...
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