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Hi, I am a surgical tech student conducting research on mitral valve prolapse, particularly valve repair/replacement.On visiting your site, I found a 1999 form discussion from 3 Pts. & a doc regarding the advisability of the Ross II procedure. I am curious how these Pts. are fairing, and if any elected the procedure/ outcome of same.  Also, if any of your docs have experience/ opinions to offer, I would love to hear from them. It would appear that centres in India are favoring its use, due to the problems of maintaining anticoagulative therapy in underdeveloped nations.  I would appreciate any feedback regarding this issue,as well as any leads regarding new therapies being invesigated.  Many thanks and best to all.
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You may want to visit ValveReplacement.com forum for a very good source regarding information of the Ross ll procedure, etc. I have read posts regarding the Ross procedure and as I remember it is highly recommended and outcomes have been good.
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