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resting heart rate fluctuates


Occasionally my resting heart rate speeds up for a few seconds than resumes its normal beat.(resting awake heart rate of 58 bpm, bp 110/70
I'm 50,5'11",165lbs.31" waist. do 45 min.of cardio and 20 min. of lifting 3 days a week in the winter and 5 days a week of cycling 1.5-3 hrs. a day in the summer.(mountain and road bikes)
Any ideas?
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My guess is that you are having occasional pre-ventricular or pre-atrial beats (coming from the ventricle or coming from the atrium respectively) which are usually a completely normal phenomenon and we all get them but some people feel them and some people do not.  It is definitely normal if your heart is structurally normal.  However, very rarely some people can have abnormal heart rhythms which causes the heart rate to speed up and then come back to normal.  It would be rare for this to just be a second or two and then normalize however.  But, it may be worth seeing your primary care physician or a cardiologist and having he/she get a resting EKG, possibly an echocardiogram and/or a Holter monitor to just make sure this is nothing more serious.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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I experience something very similiar. I experience 3-4 quick hard beats then back to normal sinus. It only last 1-2 seconds. I had echo, ekg, and holter last year...all normal. I sometimes feel palps caused by pvc's and pac's (confirmed by holter). I do alot of running and cardio as you do. This occurs only at rest...usually sitting position...the frequency is about once per month.

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