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right artial enlargement

I am 26 years old and a few years ago was diagnosed with Mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation.  There was also mild prolapse of the tricuspid valve.  A few days ago I was in the hospital and was informed that my EKG showed right atrial enlargement and that i should have this followed up with.  What does this mean?
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my two left  mitro valves have regurgition and have enlarged my heart i am tired all of the time and short of breath with irregular heartbeats my blood pressure is high and i take meds for it so if you have the same problems please go to your cardio doctor and be checked out.  it is a serious matter and if it becomes worse you might have to get a valve replacement.  if you get any infection what so ever get an antibiotic for it.  an infection is what caused it in the first place.  it settled in your heart and this is the present you retained for harboring the infection.  the dental chair is the worst place.
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For some insight and possible cause for right atrial enlargement. As the right ventricle contracts to pump blood forward to the lungs, some blood leaks (regurgitation) backward into the right atrium (tricuspid valve insufficiency), increasing the volume of blood there and resulting in less blood being pumped through the heart and to the body. As a result, the right atrium enlarges, and blood pressure increases in the right atrium and the large veins that enter it from the body. Do you have the symptoms of  atrial fibrillation, a rapid, irregular heartbeat? Worst case scenario. An echocardiogram is an appropriate test for dx of valve disorders and chamber size.

Valve prolapse means the leaflets do not fully close the valve orifice as the leaflets/leaflet billows away from the valve opening due to ventricle pressure during the pumping stage.  When serious it compromises the amount of blood pumped with each heartbeat.

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