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small left ventricle?

These are my recent echo report results which I am having trouble interpreting.

Left ventricle: The left ventricular cavity is small. There is normal left ventricular wall thickness. Global left ventricular function is normal. Abnormal septal motion consistent with post-operative status. Diastolic function could not be assessed due to tachycardia.

Mitral valve: Normal. There is trace regurgitation.

Tricuspid valve: Normal. There is trace regurgitation.

Pulmonic valve: Normal. There is trace regurgitation.

Atrial septum: Appears normal without evidence of shunting by 2D imaging and color doppler. The interatrial septum is excessively mobile.

Aorta: The aorta at the level of the sinuses of valsalva is borderline dilated with a diameter of 3.4cm. The ascending aorta is normal in size with a diameter of 2.8cm.

Echo dimensions:

LVIDd: 3.8cm
LVIDs: 2.5cm
LAV (MOD-bp): 28.6ml
LAV (MOD-bp) index: 17.3 ml/m2
FS: 34.0%
IVSd: 0.75cm
LVPWd: 0.67cm
LVd-Vol Index: 41.6ml/m2
RVDd: 3.3cm
asc Aorta Diam: 2.8cm
EF (MOD-bp): 67.9%
TAPSE: 2.3cm

Doppler Findings:

LVOT max: 94.5 cm/sec
TR max vel: 214.6 cm/sec
AoV max: 109 cm/sec
AoV max PG: 4.7mmHg

Diastolic Function:

MV E max vel: 84.5 cm/sec
MV A max vel: 56.9 cm/sec
MV E/A: 1.5
MV A dur: 0.09 sec
MV dec time: 0.18 sec
RPulV A_Dur: 0.09 sec
RPulV AMax_Vel: 24.7 cm/sec
E/e med: 7.2
E/e lat: 6.8
Med Peak E’ Vel: 11.7 cm
Lat Peak E’ Vel: 12.5cm/sec
E/e’ avg: 7.0
LV IVRT: 0.09 sec

Hemodynamic findings:

RAP systole: 5.0 mmHg
RVSP(TR): 23.4mmHg
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Diastolic heart failure... normal ej but abnormal filling pressures due to hypertophy...  what is your doc saying?
Nothing... I got the report myself because my doctor is not proactive. I’m also awaiting results for a suspected genetic connective tissue disorder.
Hmmm, well if arteries are collapsing that would cause high afterload.  What coast you on?
West. In Seattle, Wa.
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I have great docs in NYC and boston If you dont ter answers out there
Great. Thanks for the input!
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