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wake up with fast heart rate again

ok this morning i woke up at about 6 am with a pounding heart.i could feel i in my chest and it was  at least over 150 bpm..this happens once every few months..the heart beating is so fast and hard i can feel it and hear it in my chest and i usualy burp when it starts to calm down..it will slowly slow down but itll remain fast even when i cant feel it in my chest

ive never had an ekg done during this fast heart rate so im not sure if its an abnormal rhythym, but i have had ekgs done at other times, one time they said there was a st wave elevation that might be related to pericarditis but the cardiologist looked it over and didnt think so, plus the other ekgs ive had since were normal..
ive had two echocardiograms done and on the report it says its fine with mild trivial mitral regurtiation
ive had chest x rays and ct scans..and all the blood work up in the world..theyve checked my thyroid and checked if i was anemic..

the only times this used to happen to me i thought was when i ate at night and then laid down to sleep but this time i didnt eat for two hours before laying down..im worried this could be atrial flutter or some kind of dangerous rhythym but it happens so rarely that i dont think a holter moniter would do any good..also ive heard about sleep apnea but i dont feel like i really fit the other symptoms of it..and i dont have any nightmares that i remember either, and i really dont think its a panic attack because when i wake up im wondering what woke me up so fast, and then hear and feel my heart in my chest and i take deep breaths to try to slow it but it takes so long.

.if anyone has any idea what else this could be id appreciate some kind of answer
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I have experienced what you report.
There are a number of heart issues that can give you these symptoms, and the only way I know of that these symptoms can be recorded is to wear a monitor for a period of time.  In my case, what is called A-fib was discovered.  Wearing a monitor for a week or so isn't fun, but I'd ask for it.  Almost everyone has what are called PACs , but I'm betting you have something else.  Like most people, I have PACs, but the trip-hammer symptoms are suggestive of a problem that could lead to a stroke.  I'd suggest asking for a heart monitor that you would wear for an extended period of time, at least 24 hours.  An EKG only reports your heart for eight seconds.
Hope this helps, keep us informed.
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I to have had very fast heart beats, many times in the past. I also have PAC/ PVC  which is heart flutters / skips etc.

But my heart would get up to 240 beats a min and it was very scary  I wore the heart  monitor and it show the 240 , I was put on a small bête blocker and have not had a problem with fast beats in 15 years, if I did I could take a half of pill and it would slow it down, so go see a cardio dr and get peace of mine and meds if you need them.
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You could have sleep apnea. Have it checked out.
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thanks for the replies. do your elevated heart rates happen during sleep? that seems to be the only time mine happen
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That might be the time that you notice them.  When I wore a monitor, it showed that they woke me up in my sleep, but I didn't notice them when they occured during my work.  Like many people, I had a stressful job, so the fast heart beats blended into the fabric of my life.
Occupant suggests it could be sleep apnea... I suggest you ask for a several day heart monitor test.  
Do keep us informed.
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well the thing is when my heart beats that fast i can feel it and hear so fast and loud, if it was happening during the day i would deffinitly notice it.

yeah once i get on insurance ill have to see a caridologist..thanks
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