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what can i do to stop these heart palpatations?

Hi everyone, 33 yr old female -i started getting few heart palps here and there maybe 2 times a day i was placed on event monitor for 2 weeks and captured some palpatations but dr says nothing to worry about my heart is healthy and everyone gets them. she said some just feel them more than others??? last year due to chest pain i had a ekg, stress test and ultra sound of my heart so my dr dont feel the heart palpatations are serious, yet i get them frequent now like 3 or 4 within a few minutes prob about 8 different times a day it feels like my heart flips in my chest and i can feel the thump sensation in the center of chest almost vibrates to my throat its really scary and alllllways stops me in my tracks, im afraid im gona drop dead. any one relate or any ideas how to get them to stop? i dont excersize, dont smoke, dont drink coffee or any stimulents i just want them to go away
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welcome to the world of episodic palpitations - some have hundred to thousands per day.  I don''t count them anymore. For me a day without any is great.  Even though all my tests come back normal and my doctors tell me that my episodic palpitations (PAC's/PVC's) are benign during an episode I certainly don't feel normal.   Beta blockers help some people,  otherwise with a healthy cardiovascular system there are few options.  good luck
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That's what I felt like before being prescribed a beta blocker (first 25mg of atenolol, then 25mg twice per day, now metoprolol 25mg twice perday). Both meds are beta blockers, and for me they mostly put a stop to that feeling. I hate it... even though I know it's "harmless" it doesn't feel that way, like you said makes you stop in your tracks, as if you're in danger. I do have high BP though. I'm 26 and have been on lisinopril and a beta blocker for three years. You've told your doc about the heart "flipping" in your chest, and he hasn't mention beta blockers?
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