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worried about my heart

hello , i am 27 and female. For a long time (about three years) i have been feeling that "flutter" in my chest. it started out with small lasing episodes an over the years hass incresed in lasting time. lately for about 15-30 seconds.

I thought it was just stress ( im diagnosed with severe depression/anxiety, and Stress is a hudge flaw with me. i stress about 90% of the time im awake. I have also been diagonsed with OCD.
I have smoked for about 8 years, LOVE caffine ( because i feel soooo tierd all the time(wich i also thought was from the deppression)I dont drink anymore but use to a lot. and recently i have lost 30 pounds with the help of doc. perskribed diet pills.
As the stress in my life increased the fluttering comes more often and for about the past year i have been experianceing the symtoms to the T of arrythmia (fluttering heart, dizzyness feeling faint, sweating, major fatige,confussion,rapid,pounding beat, wich causes shortness of breath.(reminds me of like whenyou bend a water hose in half and the water stops, then u unbend it and then flows agin. my grandpa died from a bad heart very suddenly (lietrly fell over and died).
but the only thing that is weird is i have perfact blood pressure.
for the longest time i thought the symtoms was from stress.
anyway what do u think and what should i do? thanks
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Stress may be playing a bigger part in your life than you think. I have some experience here. Stress can manifast itself many ways and making your heart "dance " is one. I think I would quit caffeine altogether its a bigger precursor to having your heart "dance".  I quit caffeine and it helped a great deal.
The next thing which is easy for me to say but harder to do is to relax. Make time for yourself. Do something relaxing for yourself and learn to let alot of stuff go. Your heart will love you for it.
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Sounds like PACs or PVC-you should call your doctor so that they make sure. I also am going on 8 weeks of during them and I am waiting for them to pass. Then I should have a quiet period or days where I only have a few. A few are easy to ignore. The important thing is to make sure that is all that is going on and that your heart is structurally normal.
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thanks for ur comments. when u say 8 weeks of during them/throught, im sorry, are u talking about meds or treatment?
also will i have to cutt out caffine , and will i beable to do noral things like exercise if diagonsed?
also i forgot to also say is that i cant sleep at night cause of the pounding of my heart, that would be another reason why i would drink so much caffine. its just ending up as a bad cycle.
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hey sounds just like me i have them for 23 years pac most some pvc but i get everything you have said , try relax go see a cardio so they can catch them on a heart montor and give you a peace of mind i know i feel much better knowing they saw them . i just been throught 8 weeks and still having them flutter sometimes everyother heart beat its so scarey but i went dr and she tells me i not going die and i know that because am 47 now and still her with them. so have it checked out . and try not worry
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